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The Klukwan Educational Trust policy is to encourage beneficiaries, their spouses, and dependents to obtain the skills necessary to participate in the modern, commercial, and industrial sectors of the economy as owners, entrepreneurs, and employees.

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  • Applications are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis as determined by the date a completed application is received by the Educational Trust office until the income earned by the Trust up to a maximum of $135,000 is distributed.

  • An individual should apply by June 30. An individual may apply prior to this date.

  • Applications received after June 30 will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis depending on fund availability.

  • An individual must allow thirty (30) days for application processing.

  • If you are continuing student, you must submit a new application for each school year by June 30.

Educational Trust Online Application

Please complete each section below and attach enrollment verification. Applications will not be reviewed until enrollment verification is provided. For your security, the Educational Trust has not included a request for your social security number on this online application. The Educational Trust Scholarship administrator will contact you requesting your social security number, which is required to process your payment.

Terms You Will Be Attending. Check all that apply.

Estimate Cost of Education for Year Applying for

Other Funding Sources Sought

Applicant Acknowledgement

By submitting this application, I acknowledge my responsibility to return any unused funds or funds associated with withdrawn or incomplete credit hours to the Educational Trust. I also agree that I have read the Educational Trust Guidelines and agree to follow them as outlined by the Trust.

Enrollment Verification

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